Our Curriculum

Goshen Delight Schools

Montessori Curriculum:

At Goshen-Delight Schools, we implement the Montessori style education that helps students develop their true potentials and develop an organized, engaged and focused mind, by employing hands-on, independent, and socially-interactive teaching methods at our three levels of learning.

Pre-school Children:

With our deeply engaging and guided teaching methods, our pre-schoolers are exposed to:

  • social skills
  • letters
  • numbers and shapes
  • conversational skills

Junior School Children:

With the strong basic skills our pre-schoolers have been able to build, our junior school kids are ready for such skills as:

  • pre reading skills,
  • writing skills,
  • increasing vocabularies,
  • strong basic mathematics skills
  • other relative subjects learning

Middle School Children:

With our self-paced, self-motivated, caring teaching methods, our middle school students learn:

  • extensively and comprehensively,
  • higher social skills is introduced and
  • mastering of knowledge and diverse educational techniques

The skills developed by our middle schools children helps them have a solid background and ready for high school.

Value Added Program:

We provide reading and creative writing, focusing on improving reading and comprehension skills for our students.

We also provide speech improvement programs that assists our children become confident conversationalists in the English Language.