The Goshen De-Light Standard

With your child’s excellence and all-round development as our focus, Goshen De-Light International Schools stand out as premier kindergarten, nursery and primary schools in Ado-Ekiti.

We offer highly qualified educators with decades of experience on the field, who also provide eceptional child care for your kids.

Our learning environment are very conducive and fun for children, providing varied learning methods appropriate for each age and academic level.

We use Montessori style curriculum, to provide your child the best path to excellence.

Although Goshen De-Light International is a Christian faith-based school that hopes to nurture the the spiritual well being of your child while nurturing their intellectual and social development, we welcome students of all faiths who prioritize our core values of excellence and and all-round development.

We offer three distinct educational levels: Pre-School, Junior School, and Middle School levels. Please check out the different curriculums offered for the different levels.